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VisionNet Advanced Network DVR
Record and view from anywhere, any time
      - Designed for mid-level business applications

The KR-63 Network DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is designed for mid-large companies/enterprises/
building/car park. It supports 8-16 Channels Video Camera Inputs and advanced digital watermark technology protecting integrity of records. KR-63 delivers a full-value, outstanding performance solution for today's most demanding tasks.

KR-63 inherited all the latest technology and features from its predecessor, SW-80, but comes in even more professional-level function such as Engine-K Compression Technology, Digital WaterMark
Image Verification, more system recording processing speed up to 120Frames/sec and up to 16 camera inputs. It also incorporated 80GB/120GB for KR-63D and 80GB/120GB x 2 in RAID Array 0/1/0+1 for KR-63S. KR-63 series is the perfect solution for user looking for higher-performance system than SW-80 or for surveillance application in Middle-Large Size Retail Store, Shopping Plaza, Sensitive Area, Car-Park, Industrial or Education Institution.

Main Functions:

Excellent Recording processing speed
System supports 8-16 Cameras Input, with processing speed up to 100fps, so that real time recording and monitoring is possible:
 - 4 Cameras: 25fps per channel
 - 8 Cameras: 12fps per channel
 - 16 Cameras: 6fps per channel
Simultaneous Playback and Recording
DVR operator can immediately replay or backup record when emergency, but without affecting normal daily recording operations. Both actions can be done simultaneouly.
With its built-in TCP/IP network based video distribution system,  SW-80 enables remote access for live viewing, playback and administrative functions via a LAN (local area network), WAN (wide area network) or the Internet simply with the use of a networked computer.
Built-in circular recording mechanism
All the records store at the system, when storage size is used up. System automatically delete the first hour from the beginning for replacement. Important record can be backed up by remote computer or KR-63 CDRW, and so providing almost inexhaustible storage capacity for long time recording.
Automatically Scheduling Backup
Operator can define the time for the system to backup. That ensure record preservation for illegal evidence.
Digital Watermark Technology
All the video record or snapshot image are protected by Watermark technology. System is able to detect any modification of the record. This technology provides an indisputable evidence in court.


Easy to Use: All the internal settings of the system are composed by GUI (Graphical User Interface), with our simple instruction and technical supports, user can be an DVR operator with just a few minutes.
  High quality images: All the captured image and video will be digitalized by the system, user can snapshot image, zoom in or out, replay fast forward or backward, Frame by Frame...etc
Also, resolution can be adjusted by user, image quality up to 768x576 pixels.
Standalone with low cost: KR-63 stand-alone operating style need low-maintenance, no administrative tasks. It starts automatically every time user powered it on, store record with inexhaustible way. Unlike VCR, that needs tremendous numbers of tapes and management costs.
  Advanced Storage system: With automatically circular recording function, all the records are stored at the system, no tapes are necessary. Important records can be backed up by remote computer or internal CDRW.
  Reliable, Safe and Universal: Guaranteed system stability, every system passed through our Long Duration recording tests before delivery, also, with its low working temperature and noise, it is a trouble-free. safe system that is excellent for indoor applications.
  Integration: Video-in channels are in BNC standard, system integrator can connect existing cameras to network DVR with ease.
Built-in Firewall and Internal security: With Firewall functionality and password access control, internal settings of DVR system are well protected from Internet.
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